Friday, 4 May 2012

Introduction and Review. xo

Last October I had very good intentions of making a blog. 
I signed up, picked my template and published my first post.
But once again, I failed to keep it up or maintain it. After watching many Youtube Guru's videos
and reading numerous beauty blogs, my motivation has kick started all over again and I am determined to see it through this time, So shall we begin?

I feel I should break myself in easy with a simple review on a few products, I've recently purchased.

No.7 Skin Illumiator in Pink.

The first product in line for review is the No.7 skin illuminator in pink:
This product works as a good all rounder for make up lovers, it serves as a highlighting base for under your foundation, achieving a dewy finish rather than a matte.
It can also be used as a eye brightening cream or as a cheek highlighter. It comes in two shades 'Peach' and 'Pink'. 'Peach' is perfect for lighter skin tones whiles 'Pink' is better suited to darker more olive skin tones. Both are available from your No.7 counter at Boots stores.
The application is easy, it is applied with a small black brush and you simply blend it all over your skin. The only negative about applying this product is squeezing the product out of the tube
can be quite difficult and when you apply too much pressure you end up with too much product coming out. 
An other little advantage of this product is Boot's often give out £5 off No.7 purchases at the tills. The product retails at £11 but with your £5 off voucher you can purchase it for £6- Definitely worth a look.

Benefit's 'That Girl' Face Primer.

Until reecently I don't think I ever once used a primer, but none the less was always exasperated when my foundation would melt off throughout the day
leaving my skin lookign patchy and uneven. But with the application of this before hand my make up has lasted more or less the full day with little need to touch it up. 
The packaging says it's a face brightner, I didn't find it brighten my face, that much and I would still rely on my No.7 illuminator for that job. It did make my foundation application a lot easier that normal however.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NW 20

My foundation of choice for many years was Elizabeth Arden, most likely through my mum repurchasing it over and over and after watching many make up reviews and monthly favourites I decided to purchase and try MAC Studio Fix Fluid in the shade NW 20.
I'd heard great things about this foundation and I prefer a matte coverage which this foundation definitly offers and I didn't have to touch it up throughout the day which I had to do previously with my Elizabeth Arden foundation. However I do feel it to be quite drying on my skin especially around my T-Zone. 
My other only negative is the packaging it does not come with a pump for the foundation, this has to be purchased seperately and without it, it can make application quite difficult, Although this product is a good all rounder, I think I would be keen to look at the different MAC foundations before repurchasing this one.

Ebay 88 Colours Neutral Eye Palette.

I love neutral eye colours whether it be from creams to browns and black. I wanted to find a product that could offer all of this and whilst searching interent I found this on ebay.
It offers every colour you need for creating a neutral eye. From your high light colours to your crease colours. The only downside I have about this product is the lack of matte eye shadows available most are shimmers, but despite that all eyeshadows in this palette are very very pigmninted. 
It comes in at £8.00 and includes free postage. I do really like this palette and can create so many different looks with, it was a great purchase.

Lots of Love, 


  1. Thank you for my first comment I now await my first allusive follower I've decided to kick start again, I enjoyed reading your blog today :) x

  2. Hi Claire,

    I totally relate to what you're saying about updating blogs - I started mine in November and have only just gotten back to it!

    Anyway, I have enjoyed reading you entries and am now following you. If you could check mine out when you get the chance, I'll really appreciate it. Thanks, and keep up the good work. :)

  3. Hi :)

    I had no motivation to keep going with mine but I seem to have gotten a new lease of life from somewhere. You're blogs really good, I enjoy your posts, I'm following back :0 x

  4. Just stumbled across your blog and I've been really enjoying having a read of it! That's really cool they have an 88 colours neutral palette, I've only seen the really bright ones. I think most of the shades in this would be a lot more wearable.

    Just started my blog, really enjoying the whole blogging world so far :) Now following you! xx