Tuesday, 31 July 2012

L'oreal Studio Secrets Primer.

For a long period of time I never bothered with primers I skipt them whilst browsing in Noots or Superdrug and just generally didn't feel the need for one. Even when I was given a sample size of Benefits 'That Girl' it lay at the back of my drawer collecting dust, I always found that my simple day cream done the trick at keeping my make up in place. However that being said when my Mum came home one say with L'Oreal Studi Secrets Proner I thought i'd give it ago I did have great expectations especially with it being priced at near on £15 not the cheapest for a high street product especially considering it forsn't cone one in the largest pot. I had just purchased the raved about high street foundation Bourjous 'Healthy Mix' so decided it was the perfect to team both together. I applied a small amount of primer evenly distributing it over my face. Then applied my new foundation. The first thing I noticed was that my foundation felt cakey and not radiance boosting as the foundation states I then I found after I'd completely the application that it all most immediately started to go peely around my T-Zone making my skin look quite horrible. When applying the primer it felt like a paste rather than a smooth application. I firstly thought it was perhaps I had a bad batch of foundation so the next day I applied the foundation again with no primer and I loved the results. Overall I won't be using this primer again and certainly won't be purchasing it. Have you tried this Primer what did you think? 
Lot's of love.


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  2. Thank you very much :) I'll be tagging a fellow blogger. I was a bit unsure, do you set my questions? X