Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hi firstly let me say thank you to everyone who was followed my blog. I'm overwhelmed my numbers doubled in the space of a few hours. I'd also like to give a shout out to a fellow blogger and ask you all to go and have a read at her blog it's marvellous - Whispers from angels

I've taken the time to set up direct links to my Twitter, Facebook and You tube channel, I'd love it if you could just take a couple of seconds to like or follow them.

I made a YouTube channel with the hopes to make videos but I'm a bit unsure, what do you all think? and if I proceed with it what should my first video be? 

Lots of Love.


  1. Thanks hun :) really appreciate it :) i def say go for the youtube vids! I am hoping to but like you unsure and not sure where to start. How about an introduction to you, your blog and what your top ten favs are?x

  2. well you got another follower:D definitly start YT, but dont neglect your blog, thats what happend to my old blog :L Maybe do a haul or current faves video :)

  3. girl, you should def make youtube videos! when i get more comfortable with my blog, i will be getting myself onto youtube. go for it! you have nothing to lose :) cute blog btw

  4. Thank you everyone :) I think I will try you tube videos but I'll wait a week or two. I like the idea of a blog introduction and top 10 favourites would be a nice easy starter. Thank you for following my blog Ellie no I wouldn't I really do enjoy blogging :) Thank you yes I think I will. I'll give it a shot anyway. You should too x