Sunday, 23 September 2012

9 Months of being Pregnant

Hi everyone, sorry my post is a tad on the late side but once again things got a bit hectic with preparing for the baby. I promised a post on pregnancy and when I asked what you all thought of me doing one you seemed in favour so here we go :)

Everyone told me that being pregnant was a fantastic experience to be treasured leaving woman "Blooming and Glowing" This unfortunately was not me asides from having quite good skin and shiny hair just now it hasn't been the best 9 months. I found out I was pregnant back in early February and it was a shock being completely convinced that I wasn't. However what will be will be. I'd heard of the dreaded morning sickness and I actually thought I'd managed to escape it but it slowly crept up on me lasting until I reached about 20 weeks (Not the end of the first trimester as they said it would) There are so many exciting milestones when being pregnant from your 12 week scan, to your 20 week scan, to feeling your baby's first movements, to feeling tiny feet and bums poking out of your tummy, then finally reaching full term, it's all so exciting.

Once things start to get further on you can then begin to purchase baby clothes, your crib or moses basket, toiletries, and not forgetting your pram. I loved buying baby clothes, everything is so tiny and clean I could have spent a fortune. Even now I want to buy loads of new products as all the shops Autumn and Winter collections have landed and 'Mama's and Papa's' have launched new born Halloween costumes and Christmas costumes Which I had to purchase. 

I reached my 3rd trimester and out of no where my sickness returned, but I've not reached full term and with 2 weeks to go I'm sure I can last out for 14 odd more days. Although I'm now on maternity leave and find myself at a lose end with nothing to do, with my crib being built, pram here and waiting, hospital bag packed, and all the baby's clothes prepared and waiting for them, it's a waiting game. At my 20 week scan I chose to not find out what I was having as I figured if you have to wait 9 long months you may aswell have a nice surprise at the end of it. With 2 weeks to go I'm more excited than ever I purchased my birthing ball, I'm planning to go out long walks and I'm going to eat my weight in spicy food as after waiting all this time I'm now desperate to see what my little boy or girl looks like :)

Here's some pictures :)

Hope you enjoyed this and I'd love to answer any questions you have.
Lots of Love